An Introductory article on Handwriting…..

An Introductory article on Handwriting…..

Reflection of mind is handwriting

Writing is one of the medium to express our thoughts / sharing information to others . This is a gift to human being. Understanding of one’s subconscious mind is possible through handwriting. It is possible through writing to understand one’s Personality, Intelligence, intensity of emotions, how he/she relates with people, Professional interest, Physical activity etc., It is possible to understand how a person react in a particular situation, his way of dealing people – When in high emotion and their analyzing pattern by looking at handwriting. Now question comes naturally in your mind ---

How is it possible? Handwriting analysis is a scientific process. Since 4-5 decades many studies / inventions made handwriting analysis a dependable source and got appreciation from people. This science has become popular and trusted process in United States of America, European Countries. Countries like India, Middle East, Australia & in African Continents gaining popularity and at development stage towards its establishment. Analysis can be done accurately using the sample In the English language & other languages using English alphabets. Handwriting analysis is a continuous process. A child upto 10 years will have basic / initial handwriting. Later due to external pressure / influence the personality of child changes drastically in teens - this is in handwriting also.

In handwriting - Size of letters - Slant of the letters {left / straight {centre} / right} - Pressure in Writing Forms basics for analysis …2…. From this, one can analyze the personality of a person :: How he/she mingles with others. Whether an introvert, Independent, not depending on others Or jells with everyone and likes by every one ? Like this handwriting reveals the characters of a person. Learning process and power of memory can be identified in handwriting. Some will learn at slow pace and they can memories for long time. Some will learn in very fast phase and they may not like to associate with slow learners and express displeasure on them. They don’t have patience. We encounter such persons several times in our daily life. On analysis of handwriting, one can understand the ways to deal individuals in different way.

Ex: If the above characteristics belong to a father, he lose his temper with children quickly. Teenagers mind is like a hot iron. The reason is change of their hormones on one side and on other side lack of understanding of their mind by parents. Because of this outer character is quite different than their inner thinking. As per saying “All white liquids are not milk” – teenagers like to be different. Handwriting analysis is a tool to indentify teenagers subconscious mind pattern, their goals etc., Teenagers find difficulty in choosing right profession. Person’s intelligence level, emotional expressiveness, association with people and time required to take decision matters to find out the right choice of profession. To sum up, we generally need 1-6 months to understand the character of a person, but handwriting analysis reveals it instantly.

N. Chandra Shekara