Insight of a person’s behavior in corporate stress through Handwriting

Handwriting is a tool to understand various mental and physical aspects of a writer in the current mood or situation. Handwriting analysis is a science which reveals the insight of a person, based on his/her writing.

Handwriting analysis was invented by Dr. Bunker in the 18th century. Grapho Therapy is a form of reverse psychology accompanied by through handwriting exercises specially designed to bring out more desirable personality traits. By doing this exercises, you are accomplishing a gradual re grooming or retraining of the subconscious mind.

How does handwriting analysis play a role in corporate sector ?

At current scenario, the corporate sector employees are undergoing a lot of stress due to the global competition. An employee under such pressure will face lot of health issues which has adverse effect in his professional and personal life. Using handwriting analysis , we will be able to pinpoint the root cause of the problem. Grapho Therapy is one such solution to the problems that are faced by corporate employees.

The writing of a person, who is in stress can be identified easily. The rapidness of decision making varies time and again when the person is under stress. Handwriting of a person shows the various traits, namely the thought process, decision making abilities, social aptitude etc., The writer who is in stress has any of these expression like, elongated “t” stroke, variation in the size of the letters etc.,

Grapho therapy is one of the fantastic stress relievers, since it helps individuals to process their thoughts and emotions. Handwriting is also known as brain writing just like the finger prints of a person. There is a remote chance of 2 writers with the same handwriting. since handwriting comes directly from one’s subconscious mind.

In what way’s will Grapho Therapy, be the game changer in corporate sector ?

Grapho Therapy can be used to heal one’s stress through handwriting, which comes from subconscious mind. There are various Grapho patters which helps the person to heal mentally and physically. It can also be used to overcome certain hell traits which the writer possesses. It boosts the person’s self confidence and motivates him to come up with better results with an effective works space. Such emerging changes produces exceptional results and strengthens the organization.

How does Handwriting Analysis play a Key role in recruitment process?

The main objective of an organization during the recruitment process is to find the suitable candidate who fits in for the role. Handwriting Analysis can be used to find out the suitable candidates for the job through seeing the aspirants writing. This science helps the organization to save its valuable time and investment on the suitable candidate. An Handwriting Analyst will take few minutes to identify the individuals strength, weakness, goals, loyalty , leadership skills and other key factors of the writer.

Handwriting Analysis is a cutting edge science which helps the organization and individuals to have positive changes in personality and helps to create good bond between the employer and employees. It Is even possible to analyze the person through his signature. By bringing necessary changes in the signature / handwriting , the writer will have positive outcome.

Supreeth Kashyap N.C

Hand Writing Analyst & International Mentor,

Handwriting University International, California, USA