Does a Good/Bad Handwriting indicate person?

In this article I would like share some of the myths of handwriting. In my previous article I had told about the teenage behaviour. How often have the teachers, parents and others telling you have a good handwriting?

The answer is most commonly you have heard or told.

Good handwriting might come from regular practice of the cursive writing. Everyone in our childhood, we are made us write the cursive style. In handwriting analysis, when we see a cursive handwriting it refers to the person wants to connected to the people. Most of us can relate to this in our childhood we were very close to the people and as we get older, we draw boundaries and this shows in handwriting from cursive to have a disconnected writing. The main reason being the experiences they have overcome. As I have told in many pervious article the handwriting is BRAIN writing. All the experiences they are reflected on paper. If you come across a illegible writing, the person brain works very fast. We see these illegible scripts from doctors it is just because their thought process is very fast and same is reflected in the script. The writer with neat handwriting, they can have a neat flow of emotions. I would like to end this by saying there is no good/bad handwriting when it comes to handwriting analyst preparative, we consider the handwriting is completely from the subconscious mind. The handwriting changes from time to time based on their experiences and past events


Certified handwriting analyst and mentor For Handwriting University International California , USA